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CooLanyard Celtic Red Wrist Strap

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Ship Notes: Made in our USA design studio mostly through our hand made process. We like to say each CooLanyard is made fresh. Truth is, we make most all the parts and then assemble each item as ordered. Today is no different, although increased orders have dictated we stay ahead of the game by self producing some items and holding ready in inventory. That being written we are constantly involved in updating designs while keeping parts made and ready for assemble. Just making the simple CooLoop involves a seven step process.

We really researched this CooLanyard Celtic Red wrist strap. Thousands of trim samples were reviewed. This red trim just hit us as so bold and fresh, something you might just want around your wrist. We hope so....

One thing we discovered is that a wrist strap surely gets tugged on, so the top trim design could see stresses. We were able to defeat those stresses by inserting a hidden kevlar jumper that runs between the cord loops. Kevlar does not stretch. When the camera weighs upon the wrist strap the tension is passes from the PolyE cord through the non stretch kevlar and back to the other side of the polyE cord and back to the camera. Looking at the top of the wrist strap it appears unstressed like a bracelet but the underside is carring the load while it feels comfortable on the wrist. There is really alot hidden going on for fashion sake!! Louis Vuitton eat your heart out..







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