'Possibly the last guitar strap you will HAVE to buy'
Your Current Strap failure = Guitar Crash!
Our strap connects do not wear out!!
The CooLanyard Black Hole Guitar Strap Connects Lock on. It is like a strap with locks!
Black webbing 2 inch wide strap with CooLanyard Guitar Post Connects that Lock on but are user EZ ON/OFF...
The strap has plenty of adjustment for tight or low slingers.
It is easy to get attached to a CooLanyard!

$19.95 Buy Now Paypal (free shipping)
comes with acoustic guitar adapter

Black Hole T-Bone made to Spiderman specs

$19.95 Buy Now Paypal (free shipping)

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Dealers welcome with 25 count minimum order

Buy it, Try it, if it is not for you, return it for full refund and we even pay your return shipping
You read right, we even pay your return shipping one more time we even pay your return shipping!
We just want you to be happy with your order!!

'With Black Hole I can slide my guitar neck down and walk around w/o drop' BRANDON

Produced, Created, Assembled and Shipped from our USA design studio.

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It is easy to get attached to a CooLanyard!

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