Spotlight on Speed

This is the CooLanyard Flip Strap advantage, answer phone quicky – because it's always there – not over there! Buy two and give one to a friend.

Customizes , give it a try.

Spotlight on Drop

Have you ever dropped your Car Keys then, when picking up, drop your Cell Phone? That is a thing of the past with CooLanyard Flip Strap your phone stays safe and secure as you bend to retrieve dropped items.

Customize , give it a try.

Spotlight on Accountability

Always know where your Flip Phone is in public, Never lose your Flip Phone again with CooLanyard Flip Strap!

Customize , give it a try.


You can customize its .


You can customize its , as well.


Keep your friends close and your Flip Phone closer with CooLanyard Flip Strap. Answer fast and never miss a call because you are connected to your Flip Phone.


Stop the drop. Flip Phones slip out and fall down, mostly on the concrete. When it is secured by CooLanyard Flip Strap that ends the drop and your phone is safe.


Always know where your Flip Phone is in Public. Never lose your phone with CooLanyard Flip Strap.


Nights sometimes can be dark and scary. Your Flip Phone stays near you like Security with CooLanyard Flip Strap.


When you move from room to room in your residence your Flip Phone can move with you using CooLanyard Flip Strap. Even if you are in your PJ's!'


You can hang a Flip Phone inside a bag using CooLanyard Flip Strap. It just makes answering easier.