CooLanyard Product Information
An adjustable CooLanyard Neck Strap. Goes from standard to big boy instantly. The unique slide makes it so. See Video [300]   [56] See webpage Coolanyard DBA.

CooLanyard has produced a Cellphone lanyard to help YOU become and remain successful. Small footprint, lightweight and semi hidden. 2 sets of Breakaways, one set for the lanyard and one set for your cellphone (Check your phone for split ring slot - SEE OUR SNAP IMAGE). The Breakaways are stout and professional. Are you tired of the Cellphone clip?? Then, go with the Breakaway snap, sooo much better and efficient! [Press Release] [Webpage]

3/4 inch wide high tech material with Blue overlay (stout secure design). Large cord lock looks cool and allows full adjustment. Plenty of cord play with our swivel end makes this a non tangle model. We include our exclusive CooLink that is 3/4 inch x 1/4 inch all metal alloy quick connect that is 25% stronger than stainless steel. We also include a CooLoop which can support 57 Lbs and makes even the most difficult hand held hook ups easy!

First of all fits any camera, attaches and detaches quickly. Even the most difficult hook ups, we supply a CooLoop to make it so! The built in CooLink quickly opens to fit most handheld connects. The CooLink is a 1/4 inch x 3/4 inch all metal alloy quick connect that is very strong.The VOLKS is adjustable with a slide that sets where you want it.